Destination Minimoon in Amelia Island



When photographers talk about the sessions that remind us why we love what we do — this is what we mean! Janel & Cory got married over Labor Day Weekend in their hometown near St. Petersburg, Florida and chose to spend the whole next week celebrating what we call a “mini-moon” in Amelia Island. (That’s when a honeymoon is planned for later but you still want to celebrate somewhere immediately).

I was so ecstatic and honored to help them commemorate some newlywed memories while they spent a romantic weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island — especially since that meant getting almost an entire spot of Fernindina Beach all to ourselves. #iykyk

It started out as a beautiful day and the weather was looking great — but as I was headed to their session…I got a flat tire. I was stressing hard core for multiple reasons…the biggest being that I could NOT be late for their session because this was their last night in town and rescheduling wasn’t an option. So I hauled my car to the closest gas station and called an Uber – I can figure out the car stuff later.

I spent the whole Uber ride a little flustered, hoping I didn’t leave anything I needed in my car and I texted Janel to let her know what happened.
And when I arrived (only two minutes late!), I was greeted with the WARMEST smiles and immediately all my stresses melted away.

For over an hour, the three of us ran around the beautiful beaches of Amelia Island literally feeling the most carefree and I could literally feel the love between the two of them radiating. It’s almost like they were on their honeymoon or something 😉 LOL
They even risked being late to dinner when I convinced them that flash photos in the ocean would be “totally worth it” #doitforthegram

I couldn’t have been blessed with a better couple to have spent that evening with. Everyone knows how important wedding day photos are but it’s not often talked about how awesome it can be to spend an evening with your NEW spouse once the big day is over, all alone when the pressure is off, and capturing a whole different vibe of memories. If it’s something you’ve ever thought about, THIS IS YOUR SIGN to book the honeymoon (or mini-moon) session. I promise you won’t regret it.

I know Janel and Cory don’t.

PS. I Ubered back to my car safely, AAA hooked up my spare, and my tires were under warranty. So new tire, awesome photos, and a funny memory to look back on.


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