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They say if something doesn’t scare you, it isn’t worth doing. And let me tell you…the hike to get to this place was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Something about walking through narrow paths of muggy, overgrown foliage — and I 100% stepped on a snake. Didn’t even know it until after I lifted my foot for the next step and my friend told me “oh my gosh you just stepped on a snake!” But dang, was the trauma of that 20-minute hike worth it. (I didn’t let myself think about having to redo it after the session in the dark lol).

Braiden was not supposed to be the model this night but after an earlier cancellation, we decided to just go with it. And she TOTALLY killed it. No model experience whatsoever but would you believe it?!

I have never felt more zest for life than I did standing on this grassy cliffside on the Oregon coast — the vibe Braiden is giving off here…the frolicking, wind in the hair, carefree essence…it’s everything I was feeling myself behind the camera and it was AMAZING. Cell phone signal was nonexistent up here and it was as refreshing as the cool Pacific breeze. I hear there’s a different, more tourist-friendly trail to get to this same spot and thank goodness because I’m totally coming back.

I love all my sessions so much, and every single one is fun, rewarding, and beautiful in its own way. But I never could have imagined how impactful this session would be on me. It gave me a chance to truly pause and straight enjoy life for a moment. I felt invincible up there — in a carpe diem sort of way. The idea that life really could be what you make it. I always want to make mine an adventure, and it sure felt like one that day.

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